Harnessing Amazon Prime Day to Make Sustainable Changes in How We Live

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One of the things that makes Amazon a pain is that there is SOOO much waste with all those shipments! So, since today and tomorrow (July 15+16) are Amazon’s annual #PrimeDay and it’s easy to get all your #zerowaste #ecofriendly goodies in one fell swoop, I wanted to make a list of things that I or my friends use to make life less wasteful to share with you, since you might already be bargain shopping!

Of course, this only works if you are a prime member. I became one last year, after Whole Foods started offering discounts for members. Plus, now we can watch movies and TV, stream music , borrow Kindle books, and get free two-day shipping. It’s worth it, for me.

If you want to do a 30-day free trial of prime, here’s the link!

If you are on a tight budget and using EBT, prime costs less for you. Here’s that link!

Our Sustainable Essentials #

Note: Gifts $30 and under for the sustainability lover in your life. View the Amazon product for the final sale price.

Reusable produce bags with drawstring and colorful tare weight tags

Mesh Veggie Bags

I love these bags because they come in a variety of sizes, are marked with their tare, and are easy to throw in the washer whenever they get dirty. I keep them in my bag of grocery bags in the way back of my RAV. These are the ones I bought. I like the mesh because it’s light and durable.

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Reusable produce bags, cotton mesh

Cotton veggie bags

Another option would be to get cotton ones. I used to have these, but they became really stained over time, and they were a bit bulkier to carry around.

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stainless steel coffee filter

Stainless Pour Over Coffee Filter

My husband loves pour over coffee but was wasting a ton of time and water every morning rinsing out the paper filter so it didn’t flavor his coffee. To resolve this, I got him a stainless filter, which we both love! And the earth does too!

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kitchen scrubber

Kitchen Scrubber with Replaceable Heads

I’ve replaced so many kitchen scrubbers over the years! But with this stainless and replaceable head one, I’ll only ever have to replace the wood brush top again!

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3 glass jars with rings and clamps

Wecks Jars

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Wecks canning jars! We use them for absolutely everything from canning to dry and wet storage, and they make a great to-go container! Now, they also can be retrofitted with plastic BPA-free tops instead of their typical glass ones. I personally like the straight edge jars better for storage (they stack well), but the tulip shaped jars better for design aesthetic and stability. This is a nice little starter kit.

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Wecks combo pack with clips, seals, glass tops, and plastic tops.

Wecks Accessories

If you need to replace your clips, seals, glass tops, or plastic tops, this combo package will help!

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3 tier, round stackable stainless steel lunch box

Stainless steel food containers: Indian Tiffin Style

I’ve been wanting some stainless bento containers for a really long time, to replace the cheap plastic ones that have hung around too long. This week, I finally found a few that reviewers say do not leak.

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Stainless steel rectangle lunch box

Stainless steel food containers: Japanese Bento Style

If you need to replace your clips, seals, glass tops, or plastic tops, this combo package will help!

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4 styles of stainless steel straws with cleaning brushes

Stainless straws

I love these because they came with a black velveteen bag, which is perfect for loading up and tossing into the pocket in the driver’s side door of my car. I just bring used straws into the house, wash, and throw them in a glass beside the sink. Once I get a handful to take back out and replenish the bag, I do. So simple! I also LOVE pushing a straw back towards the clerk and saying “No thanks. I’ve got my own!” (which I usually follow with a wink! Lol!) These are the ones I bought.

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Colorful glass straws with cleaning brushes

Another option: Glass straws

If you are less careless than me, you may prefer a glass straw. I have several friends who use them. I'm just too clumsy! But I love these colorful ones!

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Titanium spork with serrated knife-like edge

Titanium spork

A girlfriend of mine recommended that instead of using the plasticware sent home by restaurants when you order to-go, keeping a titanium spork in your car. This one is just pretty, from a design point of view.

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Titanium spork with bottle opener

Another option: titanium spork

This one, I like because of its bonus functions. ;)

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Bamboo toothbrush multi pack with cardboard packaging

Bamboo Toothbrushes

I have a girlfriend who swears by these bamboo toothbrushes. (I’m not sure how I feel about these just yet.) Another version they make available has charcoal embedded in the bristles, if you want to really get your mouth clean!

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Stack of fabric makeup remover pads

Washable makeup pads

I don’t wear makeup myself but I have friends who swear by these washable makeup pads.

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Large Rubbermaid bin

Rubbermaid Totes for Worm Bins

I have had a worm compost bin in my tiny 600SF home for more than 10 years. It’s amazing that they don’t create more mess! Or stink! Instead, my little red wigglers make the most amazing compost and use up all my newspaper, chipboard, and veggie scraps. (Not onions, pineapple, or citrus though!) To make your own, you’ll need one of these storage boxes, and to drill (or ice-pick! cathartic!) hundreds of very small holes along the sides and top so they can breathe. Then add shredded newspaper, a handful of real dirt or two, and some worms! Can it be easier?

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Bar shampoo and conditioner

Bar Shampoo and Conditioner

I never really thought about the plastic waste from shampoo and conditioner but you know its crazy, as many options, brands, and sizes as are available. If you’d like to eliminate that, Bar shampoo and conditioner are available. Here’s Amazon’s best reviewed one.

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