Rachel is an award-winning photographer and digital artist who works to create engagement through her work around concepts of Place. Her work in architectural photography and digital art produces uniquely modern works that stretches viewers' imaginations and invites them to explore their assumptions about design. Rachel's work is intended to create intrigue and encourage dialog about architecture, sustainability, preservation, art, design, and culture.

Rachel's photographic work is used in more than 300 national and state register documents and 30 Wikipedia entries for historic places. Her photographs have been featured in Life in New Mexico; New Mexico Fashion Week; NatGeoTV; NatGeo Geotourism Project; The Daily Beast; Green Fire Times; Trend Magazine; Origins Magazine, Day Spa Magazine; Gozaic; Thinking Winderness; and New Mexico Tourism. Her photography is also used in ads and/or websites for The Paseo, Zinc Wine Bistro, Axel Contemporary Art, and La Bella Spa. She's a six-time winner of first place in photography the Taos County Fair and the New Mexico State Fair. Rachel has won six First Place Awards in landscape, figurative, still life, and photography open categories at Taos County Fair.


In addition to painting, scuplture, and drawing, Rachel has studied bronze casting, sculpture, silver clay jewelry, ceramic, gourd painting, drum making; watercolor sketching; calligraphy, photography and remastering; russian easter eggs, knitting; tin and copper punching, beading, basketry, and more… Rachel was awarded her first artists' residency in 2015 and selected for her first Santa Fe gallery show in 2016.

Selected Exhibitions + Publications

  • Other People's Memories. Glasgow School of Art. January 2021.
  • Felt During COVID. Santa Fe Plaza/May 2021 + Santa Fe Public Library/December 2020.
  • Remembering Three Remarkable Women in Santa Fe. Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine. June 2019.
  • Museum of International Folk Art Alexander Girard PopUp Photography Exhibition. El Museo Cultural de Santa Fe. Santa Fe, NM. 2019.
  • Santa Fe Opera Pop Up Photography Exhibition (juried). Iconik Coffee. Santa Fe, NM. 2016.
  • Accidental Photography Pop-Up Photography Exhibition (juried). Axle Contemporary. Santa Fe, NM. 2016.
  • #GoforBaroque Pop-Up Photography Exhibition (juried). David Richard Contemporary. Santa Fe, NM. 2016.
  • #EmergeSantaFe Pop-Up Photography Exhibition (juried). David Richard Contemporary. Santa Fe, NM. 2016.
  • Featured Thinker in Residence: Rachel Preston Prinz. (juried) Thinking Wilderness Project. Questa, NM. 2015.
  • Your BEST Shot (juried). ABQ Photographer's Gallery. Albuquerque, NM. 2014.
  • Emerging Wisdom Art (open). Santa Fe, NM. 2014.
  • Life in New Mexico project (juried). NM Film Foundation / NM Tourism. Santa Fe, NM. 2014.
  • Albuquirky Little Houses (open). Off Center Arts. Albuquerque, NM. 2014.
  • New Mexico State Fair (open). Albuquerque, NM. 2014.
  • Archaeological Photography (open). Salmon Ruins, NM. 2011.
  • Rachel Preston Prinz (solo). Optimysm. Taos, NM. 2011.
  • Art in Town Hall (juried). Town of Taos. Taos, NM. 2011.
  • Taos Sacred Places (juried). Town of Taos. Taos, NM. 2011.
  • Art in Town Hall (juried). Town of Taos. Taos, NM. 2010.